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We have been having an ongoing visits to the ER at JPS for my husband's hernia problems that he got in 2014. Sometime in 2015 he went there to hopefully see about helping him getting it fixed my father had the surgery there in 2010 and I thought they did an awesome job back then, so I sent my husband there hoping that they could do the same for him.

We couldn't afford it when we first talked to them about it so it did get worse over the years he finally got his surgery October 13th of 2016. Went in through the ER and they put them in for surgery at 4 something in the morning. I had to come home to get my kids off to school and then was able to go and pick him up. Everything seemed fine they told him he could get in and out of bed to go to the bathroom and when he did he felt something rip.

We went back the same night he got out of the hospital from the first surgery of October 14th 2016. He told them that it felt like it ripped from the wall and something was wrong and he had that bulge back. They told him it was a Sonoma and that he would be fine wouldn't take pictures or wouldn't do a ultrasound or MRI, just to prove us wrong. He finally got to talk to the surgeon when we went back and she had told him he had a rare hernia that was a inguinal and femoral hernia....

which meant he had a double hernia with a nerve in the way... He came back home he went and seen a primary care that he was trying to get through there JPS Network never seen her again since December of 2016. He was pushed around from Doctor to doctor to doctor three months later we get a second and a third opinion that it was a hernia one of them did a ultrasound and seeing that it was his large intestine sticking out of it, but told him that he needed to go back to the place that messed him up in the first place. We try to find a different doctor nobody would touch him because of their mess up.

We kept going back for him being in severe pain and they still wouldn't take pictures and to see what was going on just dug them up with morphine and let him sit there for a few hours if not really more and then send them home because they could push the hernia back in. Of course morphine is going to relax the muscles where it's easier to push back in. Went on for nine months before they finally did a second surgery by robotic. Which is supposed to fix all hernias but when it's done there's a possible chance of the umbilical cord hernia and they seem to cannot think outside the box to go ahead while they're in there to just put a something to close the door basically to keep it from happening because it's not standard procedure.

I understand this hospital is basically a Hands-On training before they go to real hospitals but if they're not willing to take care of their patients beforehand and listening to their problems and what's really going on with their body that they're living with and having to deal with their pain. How can these doctors say that anybody is fine when they don't know anything that's going on with their body they really should come out with something that a doctor can change bodies with a patient to be able to understand them just because of what they read through books during college time that their parents could have possibly paid for their way. Doesn't mean that's every patient everyone may look the same on the inside but not everybody is the same when it comes to having physical pain or surgeries are pregnancies or suffering through life. They took care of my cousin that was an officer that rolled his vehicle didn't awesome job taking care of them but I understand he had it really good health insurance and he's top priority to the state because he's a trooper, I'm done an awesome job on fixing my father.

The how come a hard-working man that has 4 kids and a wife has to suffer through so much nickels left and none of them doctors listening to what's wrong with him or even if they think of what's going on how come they can't prove it to us. They already told us that the first mesh failed and ripped away from the wall and now all they can do is lie and cover their own *** because they didn't do their *** job. They don't know how to read a report or open somebody's folder to really understand from point A to point B of how it began and how they got there today and why there are there for today I understand they try to help those that are low income but at the same time for the good people that are trying to do best for their cells and take care of yourself so we can take care of our family. Why do they have to judge somebody just because of what they're used to and not by just who they are they may say we're disrespectful but the only reason why we became disrespectful is because we got disrespected first.

There were very few nurses and one Dr (Dr. Putty) that actually took the time to listen and to see and to take care of my husband. When he was done with his second surgery and was trying to get up to go pee the nurse that was in there which was a guy nurse even said the bulged that he had was not normal after that surgery. He even called the surgeon out of surgery to come and take a look at it and he was trying to beat around the bush so what was going on so we told him prove us wrong and when he got the ultrasound on my husband they realize something else was wrong he stayed two days and that hospital and when they did an MRI on them they waited 12 hours before getting back to him of what the results was and they told him he was fine and he could go home.

He's been making sure to do everything that was right to be able to recover better the second surgery seems to work but there's so much other pain from everything else the first mesh became a ball of scar tissue that nerves are attached to he had three spots of Big Balls of scar tissue. He went yesterday for a follow-up and the surgeon that done the first surgery and was there for the second surgery had the nerve to tell him it was impossible to have a reoccurrence when it was her fault in the first place he got the second reoccurrence. And second floor at JPS Hospital general surgeons neglected to listen to him and to actually see what's wrong with him they try to spinal tap and that didn't work and then they lied on his paperwork and said that he did it find with no complications when he could barely walk out of the hospital. He lost his job that he's been working at for 7 years because he can't go back lifting what he's supposed to do he works for a steel fabrication and is required to lift more than what he supposed to lift his weight.

I've been a stay-at-home mom since 2012 and had a little one that's just now over a year old and can't understand why his dad can cannot pick him up anymore. Because of this hospital my kids are suffering through everything will worth struggling just to make sure we can pay our bills. They have put so much stress on my family and my husband because he cannot do what he used to do for us.... and half the time they would only talk to him and not allow me in the room as a witness.

I understand of having an infant and not being able to be around a lot of things but I know that half the time it is so they're covering their own *** of not having a witness of what's going on. But if they actually took the time and really cared for any of their patients rather if they have Medicaid don't have Medicaid have their JPS Network they should still treat them all the same and be able to take care of them are they shouldn't even be opening their doors in the first place. I was born in that hospital in 1987 and it's been a s***** place ever since.

They do have some good doctors that deserve a better working environment than that piece of a *** called of a hospital. JPS is not at hospital it's the beginning of The Purge for this county....

Product or Service Mentioned: John Peter Smith Hospital Medical Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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