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Chester L Jackson #32585580

Paula Adams-Jackson filed such complaints

Chester L. Jackson July 19, 1946-March 23,2009

JPS should have to be held Accountable with out the threat of a law suit but apparently they would prefer to be sued then held responsible a hospital should not have to be sued in order to made Accountable for all their actions. They should be willing to meet and talk with the families and maybe just maybe together we can help each other find suitable answers to this crisis. It is not going to get better. The malpractice laws have shielded them from even having to disclose information that is by rights mine and chesters to know.(it's our god -given right to be healthy and we need to know that our doctors are giving us that much.) If you are part of the problems then how can you be a part of the solutions. I may need services someday and by *** I don't want that kind of treatment. $280,000.00 for what?

I've been keeping current on the articles on JPS hospital that the Star-Telegram has printed. I'd like to say that JPS administrators are worthless. The earlier articles about the change in leadership was never that promising to begin with ,now I guess you chose by the lesser of the two evils. My husband was a patient with JPS for several years and over the past year more stuff has gone wrong with his care and "miscommunication" that must be the hospitals catch phrase. I will state that they endangered my husbands life and reduced any chance of recovery through actions in the ICU department as well as Surgical Services, and also come to find out there was information withheld that was life threatening and in his family history. He died on March 23rd at 2:22 pm. Being concerned with all the measures taken and total confusion surrounding his death and his diagnosis and a pattern developing over the past year of more and more mistakes they would have gone un-noticed if hadn't been for all the notes I took ( at lest 3 steno books full and then so many loose papers with notes). The pattern is strong and all of it is very visible for me yet, all it seems to do is beg the question of more questions and the need for the correct and accurate information . We deserved this information at the time of all of this happening otherwise, how are we supposed to make a properly informed choice for all parties concerned. I filed complaints (multiple) with all the proper channels (patient advocate), then up the chain to a May Pasquway, and her boss, the Joint Chefs Commission and the TMB (Doctor Manov-ICU Department Head and his 5 residents at the time of their rotation) (Surgical Services -Doctor still unknown he gave me a 2 minute conversation about my husbands cancer didn't know he even had a 8.5 centimeter mass on his chest. This doctor never introduced himself or stuck around long enough to explain anything I described him no-one knew him-even toured the floors with a charge nurse by the name of Nicole(very nice) we never found him. They say he might be Doctor Oberman. I still to this day have a ton of questions like what kind of cancer is it genetic like his fathers if so why was he never screened for this cancer. He also has a son who needs to have this information for preventive measures. Then when they were caught by the outside third party and they stated they were uncomfortable with what the ICU Doctor was ordering she refused to do it and called me immediately to state that they would most likely kill my husband with this discharge plan. What discharge plan there was never a discussion between myself and the doctors or with my husband who was alert and able to understand and participate in these decisions. ( I have a statement in writing from that third party with her professional opinion. They received the complaints and for 2 to 3 weeks they telephoned me more than necessary (borderline harassment) Asking me what the hospital could do to bring closure to this matter for myself and the family. This was all taking place as my husband was dying, 51 days of dying that not a single solitary human being should ever have to endure. 51 days of the ugliest and most inhumane way for my only family outside of my two children to watch this day after day knowing that somehow this should never have happened ( the mental anguish was and still is lingering because I never got the answers I need to grieve and put this matter to rest. As the family member you are then left with guilt and wondering if you did all you could or should have done. You begin to question if you helped in the horrible way in which another human being died that's a mind trip that will send anyone to the rubber room. Trust me I'm not to far from that scenario. The game plan for him in his wishes was simple when things became unbearable he wanted to return home. That never happened due to "miscommunications" that no-one cares to explain. I have nothing but JEERS and PAIN that should already be on the mend from losing a loved one for this healthcare facility. They also pursued my daughters when I asked them to stop and wait "For heaven sake can you all please wait till he dies first. Then I spoke with Ms. May Pasquway and she tells me how horrible she feels with the case concerning my husband and says that she has given the case over to a Mr.Dan Baker (Chaplin/Ethics Director of Department). They call several times requesting a meeting at my earliest convince. This was on May 6th or 7th. We discussed open dates and after several days of not being convenient for myself or Mr Baker we agreed on the 22nd of May a Friday at 10 am. So my daughter takes the day off and my sister who is disabled makes arrangements to be there as well both for moral support. We arrive and are kept waiting for almost twenty minutes to find out that he is not even in-house. Then to add insult to injury they have another gentleman Chaplin Dave come in and ask if I'd like to file the complaints. I replied they already have been filed. We sat there shortly, and an email came back saying that again "a miscommunication" was to blame. Mr. Baker wrote the wrong date on his calendar. I want answers from all of you people. Doctors, administrators, patient advocates, you all are at liberty to give me and my family a thorough explanation for all of the screw-ups. Accountability folks!!!! I did my part, my husband did his to the best of ability and now your people need to take responsibility and allow me and my family to put closure to this matter. I would also like to say that Mr. Baker should you read this please inform Ms.Naomi Watts of Risk Management that I am also requesting her presence as well. Ethics and Morals of this hospital are unbelievably cold and disrespectful. If the Chaplin and ethics can't follow-thru, how is it that you expect your doctors too. You lead by example. Get a new Example I know your choices weren't great between the two candidates but really this is the best we can expect from a County Hospital. I will not let this matter rest. Someone at that hospital needs to take responsibility and tell me what happened.

Paula Adams Jackson

plart@live .com


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Media, Pennsylvania, United States #1278575

My mother died this year she was internally bleeding they pumped her full of blood and sent her home that night she collapsed she was rushed to emergency room next day died in surgery.


you must be white.i had same problem

to Anonymous #1451180

They are good to Illegals and middle easterns.


if enough of us get together we can file class action on these scumbags

to terri flowers Media, Pennsylvania, United States #1278578

My name is Zoe Wiencek please call I will join on the class action lawsuit 941-465-8399 my mother died in surgery there


i had a thyroid problem for 3 years .my daughter had to download an article from the internet that told doctors what test to do.she does not have a medical degree but knew more then jps doctors.she saved my life when jps doctors almost killed me.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #674207

I was humiliated by a woman that work at the front window at the JPS Eligibility Center located at 1325 south Main street Fort Worth , TX 76104. Those women that work at the front are very rude and racial.

They need to be fired.

A lot of more qualified people out there can do better job than these women. The managment of JPS network should look at this problem or media people should investigate about this issue.

to jps customer #1451182

The black lady needs to be fired in Hurst off Browntrail for eligibility. Plus one for lab work their.


I was a patient - 1/21/'04 - at your E.R. I was in for a seizure; I've had Epilepsy all my life. I was picked up at Casa apt.(s)! My complaint come cause of neglect to deal with my questing the behaivor I was dealt when I was there on this date. I was around from about 5:00 - 10:30pm. I asked about my dosage I'm need to take for my medicine about 9:00 - once I was aleart after the seizure - I'm told by my doctor to take at 7:00pm, every 12 hrs.

I got several nurse to respond the my test(s) were going through & would ignore my need. I was in the E.R. for seizures & cheated my medicine to do cause me even more seizure(s) to the fate I have lost my paper work even before I made it home!

It was not your place to release someone who was not fit to let go; and would not even have the taxi $ needed; yet,there would be over 8 hrs. wait before the bus service picks up in service. I do expect a review of this behaivor & responce to this complaint. It will take quite a response & alot to build trust in any form of your Medical service again; I do give you my phone - 214.223.1570 as well as my address: Casa Apts. 3201 sondra Dr. Fort Worth TX. 76107.

Richard Reynolds


I think the comments of Justa Guy are biased and not taken from the perspective of a patient. OF COURSE YOU see things in the light you do; to do otherwise would be self-incriminating.

I have faced many similar problems at JPS, Parkland, and Cook's over the years. Hospitals have become a business FIRST; and lying is an tolerated part of our business culture.

(There is a wonderful treatise titled "A Nation of Salesmen" that better emphasizes my point).

I do have a relatively easy solution. Always take a recording device to any consultations, medical or otherwise. Place the device prominently and ask " do you mind if I record this? I don't want to forget anything later". And when the person sitting across from you begins to balk, know that you are likely dealing with a person willing to be dishonest if he or she deems it necessary.


Yes we had a primary care and several other specialists, the problem truly lies with the ICU department head. I have found out many little *** things that caused this entire mess.

The doc who performed the biopsy is not registered with the Texas Medical Board, so in essence they cannot do anything more it is out of their jurisdiction. I also found out that the hospital had contacted an outside entity to move my husband but were never planning to tell us until the move had taken place. All we wanted to do was arrange home hospice and get him home 81 days later a bad case of mercer infection and now we had no choice but to let him die in a most undignified way. Man wants to die in his home I don't give a *** how much government money a hospital gets, poor or not, you owe the patient respect, dignity, to let him finish his life out the way he chooses, who the *** is the govt to decide how we die, they already decide what can be treated and what they will cure or manage, is that not enough control.

I am very well aware of the how deadly cancer can be I have had my mom, my dad, my aunt, my best friend, and now my husband..I am very well aware of some of the alternative methods and ways to which we would and could have handled all this. The point of this story is to merely say " I am a human being and I deserve better, but more importantly I want to choose the way I want to live my final days it is not the medical communities or the hospitals decision. I now know why I have not stepped into a medical doctor's office in 20 years, I will gladly continue to use the alternative doctors and practices, they may be a little more expensive but they have nothing to do with the insurance companies and I like that just fine. The Texas Medical Board found one doctor responsible but he was a the scape goat and an outside contracted doctor.

Also found neglignence in the ICU not worth my time or the money I may get. Keep the money you going to need it for the next person.

I learned my lesson well. America is nothing short of a third world country and health of it's citizens matter about as much as feeding it's citizens so carry on my medical murderers great way to legally genecide all the people you want.....


what kind of cancer did your husband have?

Contrary to public misconception there isn't a screening test for ALL cancers. Some cancers have no cure and are fatal. However, Most cancers are preventable just by modifying lifestyle(example limiting alcohol intake, avoidance of tobacco use, maintaining a normal weight, regular exercise etc.)

I also agree that no one is out there to 'screw patients' what would any hospital or doctor have to gain from that.


People get sick, and people die. While that is, of course, tragic - it is often unpreventable.

You speak a lot about the "problems" with JPS; however, you really don't address any particular issues with his care. You say you kept notes, and you ask why your husband was never "screened for cancer". Did your husband have a primary care physician, or did you use the emergency department/urgent care for your health care needs? If so, then the fault lays with you.

If you did have a primary care physician, then that's where your initial concerns should lay. Without consistent care from a single physicians office, care is destined to be all over the place, and less focused. I don't know the specifics of your husbands care, and I sympathize with your loss, and while you addressed your concerns with the appropriate chain, what you may not realize is that all medical facilities have an internal review process to address concerns with care. I have sat on many of this boards, and have had the opportunity to review a great many charts.

These review boards DO affect patient care in the long run. JPS, Parkland, Harris, or any hospital (county or private) should be judged on overall outcomes, as opposed to single patient care issues. And, face it. If the JCAHO, the ACS, and other agencies find JPS to be a facility worthwhile of accreditation, then perhaps the community should give them a break.

No hospital has a desire to just "screw" their patients, and as a non-profit organization, how can you say that these hospitals have no "sole" (soul). The employees at county facilities are dedicated to the improvement of health care within their communities, and while they may not be the best paid, they definitely care more than the average health care provider at a big dollar, private facility.


So very true..The Texas medical board has opened an investigation over this. Thank you for your support.

I hope there will be changes but I know that as the medical industry plays out there will be way more suffering than change. I hope this investigation slows them down a bit in trying to screw their patients.


JPS is a *** hospital , but as poor people that is all we have . They are chronic *** , I have tried to sue them in the past for mistreatment .

It's a county hospital , they get paid with tax dollars .

They have no sole , and get away with whatever they like . Sorry

to Bryan Hughes Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1234101

I am dealing with this right now with JPS. I went in to the ER for a migraine that I have had for 3 weeks, I had already gone to the clinic and seen a doctor.

I was given test and told that I had too much pressure on my brain I was admitted, during this time they started giving me shots one of the shots that gave me in my left arm has totally swelled my arm three times and here we are almost a week out and I can't hardly use it.. where do I go to get help,

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