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What fed govt agny 2 call 2 bust the TOTAL lack of concern. Obviously they're pd .10 hr cuz nobody will do anything out of job descrip & tell u not my dept or prob.

Hv no qualms abt shoving/blaming all things 2 someone else. 2 th pt of saying "I" need 2 call 2 tk care interoffice ***, in the same off abt 20' away.

Cant fix stupud, musta hired in mass quantites. Sorry 2 say u cant vent here@All! Brooke@Wautaga needs a New Job cuz she can't do hers! JPS is Just Plain Stupud!

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Fort Worth, Texas, United States #674177

Women that work at the classification center on Main st. Fort worth , Tx are very rude, lazy and racial. JPS network managment need to fire those women or media need to talk this on tv

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